Price: € 108.00

A compact, low power module that features the most commonly used features in an easy to integrate 30mm SO-DIMM form factor. Only a 3.3V supply is required as all  FPGA and RAM voltages are generated on board. Everything from power sequencing,  configuration and clock generation is implemented on board.  The “Config done”  pin indicates the ready state of the module.

Reference designs are available.

Single quantity module price is only €108.00 (+ shipping). Enjoy significant volume discounts with prices as low as €85.00 in high volumes (10K)

  • Xilinx Zynq XC7Z010-1CLG400C
  • 2 Instances of 256Mb x16 LP DDRIII RAM @1066MHz (1GB total)
  • 256Mb config memory, two times 4X SPI memory
  • 4 application status LED
  • On connectors:
    • 2x 48 pin I/O banks pin GPIO, I/O voltage is user selectable for each bank
    • MIO 16 through 53 available on I/O connector
    • Dedicated PS Reset In
    • Dedicated CFG OK out
    • JTAG
    • 1V8 OUT up to 1.5A of current for peripherals
  • 33.33MHz Clock
  • Traceable ID tag
  • Electronic serial number
  • Dynamic boot mode support (solder free)

Matching Eval kit:  KRC1711     Data Sheet