KRC1711 Carrier KIT

Price: €198.00

The KRC1711 accepts all modules of the KRM-1Z7xx family and features the following:

  • uSD card
  • 4x USB host (attach keyboard, mouse W-LAN modules)
  • Gigabit Ethernet Phy with Magjack
  • 2x Uart to USB 1 PM, 1 MIO
  • 2x 50-pin Ziff expansion ports for a wide range of expansion modules
  • 24x PMOD compatible sockets
  • 12V single supply


  • Carrier PCB
  • Universal AC to 12V DC Supply
  • 8GB uSD card with pre-loaded boot.ini for all KRM-xZ7xx module types, u-boot and linux with pre-configured device tree and drivers
  • Micro USB cable for serial console connectivity

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