Price: € 89.00



This HDMI out module is compatible with the 50 pin expansion connector of the KRM 3000 series modules and carrier boards. It features a single link HDMIencoder capable of 165MHz pixel clock which allows resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz refresh rate when reduced blanking is used. A matching video framer reference design that supports the most common standard resolutions is available.

HW Features:

The module is based on the ADI ADV7511 encoder chip. A Silicon Labs programmable oscillator can be dynamically changed to generate pixel clocks for different resolutions and other system clocks.

Level shifting circuitry for I/O voltage to 5V shifting of DDC signals, ESD protection and power out fusing is provided. The Module can be operated on1V8 or 3V3 I/O voltages

I/O voltage and 5V supply is sourced from the host system.