Price: €89.00



This 5-Mega-Pixel module is compatible with the 50 pin expansion connector of the  KRM 3000 series modules and carrier boards. It features a 5 megapixel CMOS image sensor with 12 bit of dynamic range.  A maximum pixel clock of 96 MHz allows for varying frame rates up to 120Hz depending on the chosen resolution

HW Features:

The module is based on the Aptina MT9P031 Image sensor . Level shifting circuitry from the FPGA bank I/O voltageto the I/O voltage of the sensor, as well as all locally required voltages are provided on the module. Four connectors allow the addition of an illumination ring.

5V supply is sourced from the host system. The camera supports Bank I/O voltages from 1V8 to 3V3

The camera is shipped with a 12mm lens mount, optics not included